Banana Boat Burns

My friends and families from Canada and US. Please take a moment to read this. It is super important!!

I know with summer being here and with the warm weather that is coming or already here. There is a problem coming with the sunscreen company Banana Boat. They have been causes burns on children and adults alike! There is no recall yet. But, I would like you guys to just keep an eye out on your little ones especially…

We had to stop using them at my work place due to these burns. SO far there is only a couple of places and people who have been burned. But, it is not worth putting these kids in danger.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


What Am I Going To Do?

So, I was looking for my little list that I had created before this whole adventure. I realised that it was coming to the end. So I was thinking about what am I going to do next? Am I going to do another 30 day challenge? Or should I do random journal entries each time? So I have been thinking about this quite a bit. So I decided that after once I am back from my trip I will be doing more 30-day Challenges. Changing up the different things each month.

So I wanted to reach out to this community and ask the most important question. What 30-day Challenge would you like to see? I am up for anything. Except please keep it Pg-14 please! I will not do anything that could get me arrested. (Joking include, but at the same time. I would not like to be arrested. It’s not a part of my plan for life.)

Please! Leave me comments about what type of 30-day challenges you would like to see and I will choose a few to start. (Will keep all the ideas.) Then I will release the ideas for the first few months and then I will continue to keep up with it. Also, in between each 30-day challenge I will also post information about me, projects, pictures etc.

I would like to say thank you to the people who have started me out on this journey of having a blog. I would like to say thank you to my few followers to start it off! Thank you! Thank you, thank you!!

What Make Me Feel Better, Always

Day 25: What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

Are you ready for this! Because I love my way of relaxing. It is amazing and always makes me feel better. So, my way of feeling better is an all day thing. You can not miss a step when it comes to relaxing and making the sadness drift away.

Alright. So the day starts off with picking out your favourite five Disney movies. Order them in the way you wish to watch them. Each time I rotate the movies each time I need to do this. Each time I am sad.

Then I take a walk. Get the vitamin D that you need. Collect items you would like to eat, and snack on during the day. I usually walk to my local Co-Op and grab nacho chips, salsa, sour cream, ice cream and cookie dough. (I know. I know. Not healthy. But, when you are sad does it really matter?) Then walk back. I usually listen to music too. Make a playlist of your favourite songs.

Once back at home, I pour a bath. Use essential oils and espen salts. I get a bowl for the cookie dough, make a jug of ice tea for myself. I then I get into the tub and relax listening to music. Reading a book.

Alright, here comes the Disney movies. Once done in the tub, I take the list of Disney movies and I will watch maybe one or two. Take a nap and then watch the rest.

Then I will hang out with either my best friend or Hunter that night. Cuddling and laughter. *cuddling is with Hunter.* Always needs the day in a good note.

That is what I do to make myself feel better.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!

Best Physical Features

Day 24: My Best Physical Feature!

Alright. Usually, I do not like talking about these things because everyone should love themselves, and blah blah blah. But, I love my legs! I have the best calf and thigh muscle to fat ratio. Which shoulds soooo weird. I know. But, I am short. I am five foot even. I love my legs because they are the longest feature on my body.

That is why I love my legs. They are the perfect between muscle and fat, enough muscle to be lean and enough meat on my bones to keep me comfortable when sitting down. My butt is close second. Squishy and toned. I love it! I have my mom’s lower body.

Sorry, if that doesn’t make sense. But, that is my favourite part about my body..

Thank you for reading! See you soon!

A Difficult Time In My Life

Day 23: A Difficult Time In My Life

Alright. I am going to get really personal with this one. Because I know this is supposed be a difficult time for me. Which makes it also hard to talk about it. But, I am going to. It’s always a good idea to get ranting off the chest right?

So, I have three huge moments in life that were difficult. But, I want to talk about the one that just happened a year and a half almost two years now ago. So here it goes.

Three months before I finished high school, I started dating a guy. (My ex.) He was different from the guys I usually dated, I normally date nerds but he was a little bit a of nerd and jock altogether. I thought it was going to be a good relationship. We dated for about a year and a half.

It was good for the first six months. It was a good, I was happy and I never thought I would want someone else. After six months, he started cutting me off from my friends, we rarely went out, and when I would plan things he would get upset or I would get scared that he would get upset and end up going home anyways. His anger was a huge part of my life. I was always trying to make excuses for it.

It is early December and we went out for dinner with mutual friends for a birthday. Hanging out and talking. Three of us went to elementary school together and one of our classmates had passed away. We were discussing whether or not we were going. My ex cut in while I was trying to talk and said, “Nobody cares about what you think.” That was my final straw. I took off. I got my dad to pick me up and I cried in my room for three days.

Fast-forward to New Years. My best friend and I are sitting on the couch watching the Good Dinosaur. We had signed up for dating sites for her. I was trying to help her find someone. Enter in my current boyfriend. I showed him to her, she started talking to him. They stopped talking, but she liked him. I tried to help her by talking about her to him. Soon, him and I were making plans to hang. (Gaah! This is where it got difficult for my morals and my emotional sanity.)

We hung out and walked around our small water park we had. We walked around talked. The way we talked was amazing. I realised how I was being treated. Three days later, I broke up with my boyfriend. I felt awful and like a whore. But, looking back now it was the right thing to do… I started hanging out more and more with my current boyfriend. He helped me realised that I was worth being someone’s princess. He makes me feel worthy.

This is the short version of everything that happened over an eight-month process. I should have left sooner. But, I feel if I did I would have not meet Hunter. My current boyfriend. I know what I am worth and I am happy! For the longest time. I am finally happy. The most consistent happiness that I would ever have.

This is the most difficult time… Getting out of a toxic relationship into a healthy one. Hunter had to deal with a lot of baggage and tried to break old habits.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!

Pet Peeves

Day 22: Pet Peeves

I have a couple of pet peeves. Most of them are crazy, but they make them me.

My biggest pet peeve is being on time. My boyfriend was horrible for this when we first started dating. He would be two hours late for a date. It made me sooo bad. I had to compromise and now he is only 15-20 minutes late. Which is alright. I deal.

Another pet peeve is people who I don’t know trying to touch me or hug me. I don’t understand why strangers need to touch other strangers. Like I understand hand shaking but hugging nooooo!!! Do not touch me. I do not know you.. Please, stay out of my personal bubble. (Sorry little rant.) This bugs me too because people will try to like touch me when I am out with my family. They will grab my arm and pull me back. (Which has happened before.) One time because one lady thought I cheated on my boyfriend with another man- let me explain. My brother is adopted- his a mocha colour. I am pale white and so is my boyfriend. My brother is 10 years younger than me. She thought he was my son, and that I cheated on my boyfriend. It’s like seriously… Don’t assume..

Alright, sorry I did a little rant there. xD those are my two biggest pet peeves.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

10 Favourite Songs

Day 21: My 10 Favourite Songs

Alright. So my playlist changes from month to month depending on new music being released.  These are not in order of how much I like them.

  1. Hallelujah- Pentatonix
  2. Symphony by Clean Bandit ft. Zara
  3. Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran
  4. Nancy Mulligan- Ed Sheeran
  5. Rockabye- Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul
  6. Evermore- Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast)
  7. To Be Human- Sia
  8. It Ain’t Me- Selena Gomez ft. Kygo
  9. Usher- Yeah
  10. Cyclone- Baby Bash

Those are the top 10 songs that I listen to on a daily basis. I will probably update this in a couple of weeks when some new music or something else comes to mind that beats these ones out.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

Something I Miss

Day 20: Something I Miss..

Hmm. I actually had to think about this one. I really don’t have anything that I miss as of this moment. I have everything within my reach at the moment. Now, if you asked me this question in about two weeks I would have to say my own bed and my boyfriend.

As I have mentioned in other posts that I am leaving for a month-long road trip with my family across Canada. We are going to Newfoundland. We are tenting across while we go. SO yes. I am going to miss my bed. I am also going to miss my boyfriend because this will be the longest away from him since we started dating. So it will be interesting. 😛

As of today, I have nothing that I missing but two weeks from now.  I will be missing two things so much. 😛

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

Where I Want to Be In 10 Years

Day 20: Where I want to be in 10 years.

This is a really hard question because I always seem to be asking myself this question. Where will I be? What will I do? What can I do?

The main things I hope you would be in 10 years, is a mother, a wife, and maybe my own boss. I love the idea of being a mother, it’s all I wanted to be when I was little. Always wanting to help my mom with my sister, and with my brother when he came around. The foster kids we had, the daycare kids with my mom. My mom was always so willing to teach me and let me be around the kids. I also know she could use the help everyone once and awhile.

I want to be a wife. I want to know that I will have a soulmate for the rest of my life. For me marriage is something that is a life time. If you do anything or have a fight you will have someone there for you. I want these two things the most.

Well, that is where I see myself in 10 years. Maybe, I will have to keep this blog for 10 years and post again what my life really is like.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

My Worse Habits

Day 18: My Worse Habits.

Hey guys! Time for another one. Day 18… Worse habits.

Well, I think I have a few actually. A few personal ones that I wish I would get rid of and then a couple of other personal ones that come to relationships.

  • My first worse habit would totally be overthinking every little situation. Even in my relationship, I overthink every little thing. Which can cause a lot of arguments between my boyfriend and I. It is a lot to deal with even when my boyfriend is not involved. Just thinking if I could stop every once and awhile. To just enjoy what I have and everything around.
  • My second habit is spending waaay to much time electronics. Which seems so weird since you know my blog is online. But, I need to spend less time on things like Pinterest, Facebook etc.etc.etc.
  • I apologise for everything… I apologise for things that aren’t even my fault. Or with something that I have no control over. I would always apologise. I know it gets annoying for some of my friends. They definitely had to get use to it.
  • A final habit, is trying to please everyone. And forgetting about myself. I very rarely will take some time for myself. I will try to help everyone else around me before myself. So, lately it has been my mission to give myself time and make sure that I am taking care of myself.

Those are some of the habits that I can think of that bug me… I am hoping that by bringing this to my attention more and more each day. My boyfriend is helping a lot as well. Always reminding me to be myself and keep working for what I believe in.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!