Hey Guys.

So, starting today I will be starting my 30-day challenges. These can range from anything from eating to exercising, to drawing to anything. So, I have made a list of on a piece of paper and will be randomly choosing things to do for the next couple of months.To keep me busy for the next little while.

The reason why I wanted to do the 30-day challenges is that it will help to keep me tasked orientated and another reason is that it will be easier to follow my progress this way.

Every day, I will make a post about what I did, when I did it, how I did it and what the end result was. This will help to keep me focused on my end goal, which ultimately is to complete the challenge. If it is a fitness challenge that I decide to participate in for the month. Every week, I will post results of working out.

I wanted to ensure that with the working out, that I actually accomplish some goals. Make sure, that I am completing what I started.

Today is Saturday the 12th, of August – 2017. I have four months left before Christmas and New Years to start, I wanted to feel better about myself. I want to gain more control over my life. And I want to complete something to the fullest of my ability.

So, Starting Today. It will be a new me.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


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