Hey guys,

Yesterday, was a pretty exciting day for me. I woke up and thought about doing nothing. But, I decided that I would start looking for full-time employment. I sent out some resumes and was not looking for someone to answer me back right away. Within 20 minutes of placing my resumes out into the world. I had four interviews lined up for the next three days.

So, I go to the first interview yesterday and the job was perfect. Benefits, good pay, I get to set up my own room, I have an assistant- teacher, and I get a whole new facility. Best part is that I start working next Monday for training. It happened so fast. I have to give my notice on Monday. I need to give my notice and all that but. I am excited.


The last two days, have been hard and they have been great at the same time. Having to get over my break up, adult up and keep moving on with my life. I got to love the new me. So working out, friendship and working will be my new life. I want to work hard to make sure I get what I deserve. I want to make sure that I will have enough in life to make me happy. I don’t mean money. I want to live my life. I will work hard for everything I earn and I will play even harder.


Thank you for reading! See you soon!


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