Day 25: What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

Are you ready for this! Because I love my way of relaxing. It is amazing and always makes me feel better. So, my way of feeling better is an all day thing. You can not miss a step when it comes to relaxing and making the sadness drift away.

Alright. So the day starts off with picking out your favourite five Disney movies. Order them in the way you wish to watch them. Each time I rotate the movies each time I need to do this. Each time I am sad.

Then I take a walk. Get the vitamin D that you need. Collect items you would like to eat, and snack on during the day. I usually walk to my local Co-Op and grab nacho chips, salsa, sour cream, ice cream and cookie dough. (I know. I know. Not healthy. But, when you are sad does it really matter?) Then walk back. I usually listen to music too. Make a playlist of your favourite songs.

Once back at home, I pour a bath. Use essential oils and espen salts. I get a bowl for the cookie dough, make a jug of ice tea for myself. I then I get into the tub and relax listening to music. Reading a book.

Alright, here comes the Disney movies. Once done in the tub, I take the list of Disney movies and I will watch maybe one or two. Take a nap and then watch the rest.

Then I will hang out with either my best friend or Hunter that night. Cuddling and laughter. *cuddling is with Hunter.* Always needs the day in a good note.

That is what I do to make myself feel better.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


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